Medium voltage

Heinen Electrotech will analyse your file in detail, taking into account your requirements, the regulations in effect and any potential extensions. 

Our employees’ expertise is recognised and certified by the country’s leading energy distribution companies.

Our specialists receive regular training in different fields and consistently keep up to date with the latest technologies and materials.

We work in construction, turnkey assembly and cabinet and station implementation. Our approved experts install all junctions and terminals.

Heinen Electrotech also renovates housings, replaces transformers and increases power based on your current and future needs.

Our repair and preventive maintenance services for your equipment ensure continuous, problem-free operation.

Medium-voltage approvals

Heinen Electrotech’s “medium-voltage” technicians have the following approvals:

  • Elia : IGSP
  • Ores : AGS 201 & 205, CAT 230 & 240
  • Tecteo